The Lakes Golf Course

One of the most memorable nine holes you will ever play.

Carefully transposed onto the Sand Hills bordering the Intracoastal Waterway, the Lakes demands precise shot-making and daring nerves.  No Floyd course would be without such a challenge.  The Par 5 third hole is particularly tough, with its bulk headed green, protected by water on the front side.  You can play it safe to the right or go for it on the left, but you have to play it to meet the challenge.

Lakes By the Numbers

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Hole #247379356333294
Hole #354587536499438
Hole #448363336305259
Hole #53913811610278
Hole #646359346305263
Hole #741411379347294
Hole #835198171149120
Hole #952521506486415

Lakes Hole by Hole

Hole #1

Arrowhead Lakes Diagram Hole 1

Your first hole on The Lakes begins with a generous fairway. Favor the left side as the two large bunkers are reachable. If you can avoid the collection area right of the green, a solid par will begin your round. Note: Fairway yardages are from low-point drainage basins unless marked to a bunker or a tree. The arcs designate layup or carry yardage from the tee box.

Hole #2

Arrowhead Lakes Diagram Hole 2

This relatively benign par 4 is not long, so there is no reason to flirt with the water. A drive up the right half of the fairway will leave a relatively short, slightly uphill, approach shot. The red & white flag signals hidden water from the tee.

Hole #3

Arrowhead Lakes Diagram Hole 3

This par 5 will test all your shotmaking skills. The left side off the tee is a must because the long-iron from the bunker is a golfer’s nightmare. Long hitters beware, under certain conditions the lake can be reached from the tee. Two good shots will leave you a short-iron to a green that slopes back to front.

Hole #4

Arrowhead Lakes Diagram Hole 4

On this short dogleg par 4 you will want to check your yardage off the tee to the mounds. Usually a 3-wood or long-iron will set up a short approach to a green that slopes away from the golfer. This hole plays more difficult than it appears so don’t take it lightly.

Hole #5

Arrowhead Lakes Diagram Hole 5

Don’t let this short par 3 lull you to sleep! The pin placement will determine just how daring you can be. Most days you can’t feel the wind from the back tee, so watch the tree tops to determine its direction.

Hole #6

Arrowhead Lakes Diagram Hole 6

Birdies can be plentiful on this beautiful par 4. This fairway offers one of the widest landing areas on the course. Most players will be left with a short-iron to a very long green where pin location does factor in. The obvious danger is to the right, and if you avoid the water, you should have no problems.

Hole #7

Arrowhead Lakes Diagram Hole 7

This number 1 handicap hole offers one of the most demanding tee shots you will face all day. Check your yardage to the dogleg because driver is not always necessary. Favor the right side on your approach and you must avoid the front bunker at all cost. Par is always a good score here.

Hole #8

Arrowhead Lakes Diagram Hole 8

This par 3 will take a precise iron shot and missing the green will be costly. The large frontal bunkers with grass mounds back, and right, make getting up and down no bargain.

Hole #9

Arrowhead Lakes Diagram Hole 9

This is a classic example of a risk-reward par 5.The aggressive play is a long hooking drive down the edge of the water leaving you with a chance to get home in two, while risking double bogey. An average drive down the right side followed by a layup short of the bunkers is the smart play for birdie.

Open 6.30am–5pm

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